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We’ve created Free Fantasy Football Leagues and Team Management Tools that are, in many people's opinion, unmatched in their scoring flexibility, ease of use, and site design. You’ll find that tasks such as managing your lineup, picking up free agents, or any other of the transactions that occur throughout the season are easier than ever to handle. Combine this with our groundbreaking Fantasy Football Draft Master™ and there's simply no better place to play fantasy football. We invite you to Create a League, Join a League, build your Cheat Sheet, or simply read our commentary and opinions on fantasy football and its players.
  Real-Time Scoring
Draft Live with the Fantasy Football Draft Master™
Customizable League Scoring and Deadlines
Completly Skinable Layout   More Features
Super League Manager™ is a completely customizable fantasy football league management suite which services both commissioners and owners with all of the advanced tools they need to compete within their leagues. Our powerful software provides in-depth customized reports and information specific to each league. Of course, we like many sites offer unique scoring formats and layouts, however no one offers the features and league interaction that you'll find here at Fantasy Sports Technologies. It's simply one of a kind!
Customizable Player Projections  
Master your Drafting Skills in Mock Drafts
Rankings based on League Rules and Scoring
1 projection updates every cheat sheet  More Features
Fantasy Football Draft Master™ allows users to customize player rankings with projected statistics which are immediately transferred into a drafting cheat sheet to be used during mock drafts and actual drafts. With the Fantasy Football Draft Master™, scoring projections are based on the specific leagues scoring system and allows for constant tweaking and refining of each player’s projections and drafting strategies.
Free Leagues
Use the Super League Manager™ and Fantasy Football Draft Master™ to compete in our free fantasy football leagues. With scoring based on traditional formats and popular website methods we've got a league for you.
Custom Leagues
Use the Super League Manager™ to create your own league with custom scoring rules.
Money Leagues
Here's your chance to flex your new found Fantasy Football Draft Master™ muscle. Compete against the best on the Internet in our 10 and 14 team contests with a 90% payback of your leagues entry fees.
Leagues Available
• FREE Leagues
• $50 Money Leagues
• $100 Money Leagues
• $250 Money Leagues
• Premium Leagues
• $500 Money Leagues
• $750 Money Leagues
• $1000 Money Leagues
Mock Drafts
Put the Fantasy Football Draft Master™ and your custom cheet sheet to work in our FREE mock drafts. Tweak numbers until your heart's content and harden your drafting gameplan at the same time.
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